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02-27-2012, 11:19 AM
Originally Posted by CmdrSkyfaller
I have tried a subsystem targeting template and sadly it is not viable.

Reasons why:

1- Incompatible stats
2- Long timers
3- Too short an effect


Subspace Decompiler affect the duration of a full disable. There are no subspace decompiler consoles. The only way to get the stat is through deflector and captain skill. Note: I have max subspace decompiler skill and have used a mk12 purple subdX2 deflector for my trial.

Flow capacitor stat affects the power drain on the system. This is perhaps the only 'functional' aspect to using a subsystem target attack since if you have max flow capacitor skill box (which I do), a +24 or better flow capacitor deflector and put 3 flow capacitor consoles you max out the drain on the subsystem.

The long timers on the subsystem attacks makes the template unusable. The sad thing is the native subsystem attack of the sci ship is the tier 1 version with 0 points spent on it so its timers are their longest setting. Training a BOFF in the tier 2 subsystem attacks sort of gives you a workable cycle between tier 2 and tier 1 but it is a waste of a tac boff abilities considering the drain effect is so short and easily countered...and the disable effect is also very short (even with max subD).

Power drain only affects target for a second or two and disable effect is barely 3 seconds at best even with max SubD. The disables are also insta-fixed easily be science team 1 (which almost everyone equips anyway) and other abilities that are practically a requirement for any ship to have in order to heal itself.

Conclusion: Not worth it. The ONLY subsystem target that is somewhat useful are the tier 3's ... and ironically only escorts and a couple of cruisers can equip them. So for this being a 'science' ability its rather odd to see that non-science ships are the only ones that get to use the workable version of it.
Cool, thanks for the detailed description, that's pretty much been my experience when testing on Tribble, I just couldn't get it to work, and had tried many of the things you mentioned. I did try out a "drain" build, with TR I and ES III, figuring it would complement the drain from the target subsystems powers, but it still performed a much poorer than my torp sci build did. I appreciate the input, though.