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02-27-2012, 12:36 PM
Originally Posted by Jaylin-Christopher1.
Well you know they can just set it as a mission or something^^^
You travel to an alternate universe to help Kirk defeat Nero or something
The only problem with either of these is that if a ship was sent back in time to help Kirk defeat Nero, that would cause another version of events, because in the XI movie, there were no 15th century ships. A mission would end up being non-canon, or if it were tied into the movies it would mean the creation of another universe (essentially; an alternate universe of the alternate universe).
Also, no-one in the prime universe knows of what happened to Nero and Spock. It is assumed by everyone that they were killed in the Hobus supernova.

Sorry to bubbleburst, but we ain't getting that ship.


It is a realistic possibility that Nero's ship, the Narada, is not the 'testbed' for the advanced (Borg) technolgy. It could be possible hat the Romulan's were refitting their military or mining ships well before the supernova (even if the vault didn't exist, the Romulans had been experimenting with Borg technology for some time). If there was a ship from the XI movie to appear, it would be a ship like the Narada (not necessarily looking the same, but having similar destructive abilities).

If Cryptic were able to get liscences and were willing to do so, we could see a mission where we fight a 'Narada-like' vessel, either Romulan or Reman.
Although, IMO the only reason the Narada completely and utterly wiped the floor with the Alternate Feds, is because the Federation in the 23rd century didn't have the knwledge or mean to combat the Borg. In the 25th century, the Narada could have been defeated easily - unless she carried Thalaron weapons