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02-27-2012, 12:45 PM
1) The Foundry roadmap post has not seen an update in over a year now. As you started this thread, I wonder will it be revisited anytime in the near future? If anything an update would be greatly appreciated. you reached a number of the goals listed on there but a good many are also not touched on yet. Any update, even if its 'moved to long term due to technical considerations' would be appreciated.

2) Before 'The Dark Time'(IE the wilderness days when Atari abandoned Cryptic) It had been stated by yourself and others that cstore items would be made available to authors for use in their projects. As of approx. march of last year, very few, if any, of these items have made their way into the editor itself. We have been told in the past that it takes time for hte hookups to be added to these items to make them work in the scope of the Foundry. While I can understand this takes time from someones schedule, will we see this rectified and the older assets added along with the newer ones? The Vedek outfits were in the foundry early, but removed, so they should be easy to put back into the editor since they are done? Is this correct?

2a)Going forward, can we possibly start seeing 'dual development' of assets so that they can be plugged into the Foundry in a timely manner? That way there is no need to go back and shoehorn things in.

3)Now that you have apparently stepped aside from the position of overall producer for the Foundry, has someone been appointed to that position? Are you managing a dual role of EP for STO and producer on Cryptic's foundry efforts?