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# 19 Foundry
02-27-2012, 01:17 PM
no offense but.... dude, quit making stuff for the cstore and update the foundry already..

honestly, I love the direction you guys are taking the game in, other than the fact the foundry has basically been out for ages but has just gotten the shaft time and time again it seems, SO limited.

To boot, fleet bugs/content SUCKS, ignoring the portion of the game that keeps players around even when the game mechanics get realllllllllllly boring (after about 1 mo. ), and its just being shuved aside til season 6...?

The same fleet issues are still present that were here when I stopped playing (over a year ago) and they havent even been touched, not even a tiny bit of love, so for over a year, these bugs have just been ignored.

To boot, Ive gotten very insulting replies from support regarding them, that in more or less words just say

"sucks to be you, enjoy the bugs, we ain't doin sh**"

I looooooove STO< but get to the bugs that really matter before you release another random outfit or ship in the cstore.... erg

please lol