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02-27-2012, 01:50 PM
Originally Posted by CaptainHorizon
quoting self = full of win!

anywho, let me clear that my defiant i had to move the cloaking console back to the engie slot, which i had been running 2 eps, and a neutronium. so, we're not dropping the eps neutronium had to go. and to max out flow capacitors i pulled the +35 to fit 2 flow cap consoles. also messed around with swapping out a non-set deflector too....

all in all...running (and maxing) tet glyder on a defiant became very pricey. loss of at least 1 set bonus, +35 shields, and no room for any lolconsoles.

that did get me up to about 90 i think, which lamid had posted above. either way it ended up just being to hard to max, so, i put everything back as it was, no consoles, no deflector ect....and back to just an average proc of 50 or so.

thanks aldo for expressing basically this while i couldnt post. -shifty eyes-

lol you guys make me laugh. running 2 eps consoles? why from full impulse to fighting? its not going to help with your dps to recover from a beam overload 3. right now i have the omega engine and defelctor maco sheild. in my skill tree i have the vamp skill maxed out. also in my sci slot on defiant i have borg console and the vamp console. in my passive list i am at 125 in the vamp skill.