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# 1 Question about mines
02-27-2012, 04:20 PM
Simple question: Are mines considered projectile weapons?

Why I ask: There are skills & devices that increase projectile weapon damage, and other devices that increase kinetic damage. Now in the case of launchers, both should apply since they are obviously both kinetic damage & projectile weapons. Mines are also kinetic damage, but do they count as projectile weapons as well?

More confusing: Let's say I'm using the Breen mine-launching-torpedo-thing. Is that considered a projectile weapon, or a mine layer? It fires out a torpedo that bursts open into a dozen or so transphasic mines. So would a console that increases transphasic projectile damage give those mines it's bonus?

Right now I have a console that increases all forms of kinetic damage, which I'm assuming includes my mine because it just says kinetic damage and doesn't mention projectiles. But I also have another console sitting in my bank that boosts projectile damage - and the same kind of damage type that my mines are. Should I mount that console or not? Would it have any actual effect on my mines?