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02-27-2012, 07:56 PM
Originally Posted by grandrogue
The first part wasn't too hard, after I figured out to target the worker bees first then take out the fighters. but the second part has me stumped. I have the engineering report as to the sequence but I can't see to start the scans shen I get near each derelict. I hit V for scan, I try F to use. nothing happens. I guess I'm dense. What am I missing?

When you approach the derelict ships, a dialog box pops up which says "scan ship" or similar. Click that and the scan begins and the tricky part is seeing the result of this scan so that you can select the proper type of scan (there are 3 scans for each derelict ship). The first scan just shows what the material is, but the result of this appears either behind the dialog box or off in a corner. The trick is to position your camera so you can see behind the box. It is that way for me but I am using an 11 diameter laptop.

I could not do this quickly enough so I wrote down the information contained in the engineering report so that I can act on the scans. I can't remember this information when I need it but making a note solved that.