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02-28-2012, 02:06 AM
After some troubleshooting, it should be noted that Teamviewer will only crash your game if you're currently logged into the Contacts panel. when you hit "Login" on the launcher.

Opening it back up directly afterwards causes no issues, even while the launcher is still up.

Teamviewer has a feature called "QuickConnect Button". Once you log into your contacts, it automatically reserves or injects itself into .dll calls on all running applications.

STO launcher seems to be crashing while trying to access a .dll which Teamviewer's service has modified (or is reserving, not sure which).

Options>Advanced>Quick Connect Button> Add Exception for "Star Trek Online.exe" without the quotes, or just disable QuickConnect altogether.

That should fix it.

Edit: I wish I could find the crash logs for STO launcher. I had to attach a disassembler to figure out what was going on. Was overkill. Looking at the Teamviewer logs shows the release of the .dll's on running applications after logging out of contacts. Whoops.