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02-28-2012, 02:58 AM
I didn't have much trouble at all with the deactivating of DS9's sensors, though sometimes flying around the station was a pain. I did see one Jem'Hadar fighter get stuck in the station structure, but it did eventually move so I was able to kill it.

Whenever they appeared, I concentrated on killing the worker bee drones first. Once they were done, I went after the fighters.

The character I played this mission is an engineer. I didn't have any trouble in scanning and retrieving the materials from the four derelict ships. The engineering report I saw made it pretty plain what scans and the order they had to be in for the three different materials.

I noticed you had to get within 1km of the derelict ships before the 'Scan Ship' prompt came up.

I played 'Of Bajor' and 'Operation Gamma' and I really enjoyed both of them very much.