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Hi there, I hope this is the right subforum for a ship request.

Short story: I've got this game the moment it went F2P. Because I grew up watching the original Star Trek and really love retro-scifi I got all the TOS-related content in STO like uniforms, bridges and ships. I am currently playing at level 44 and even though I've equipped my TOS Connie with the best items I could find on the exchange it's hard to fight against Cardassian ships with it. My ship did a good job all through the Klingon and Romulan campaigns.

So there's my request: Please, please make a TOS Constitution Retrofit to match level 40+. I know it is a small ship compared to the large cruisers but so is the Prometheus and the Intrepid - which actually have a refit-version. You could even give the Connie similar stats as for the Prometheus or Intrepid. Or do a TOS Connie ship-costume for the Excelsior Retrofit.

I am sure a lot of players would appreciate that because it's the most well known starship in science fiction history. And yeah, it's James T. freakin' Kirk's vessel, so it deserves a retrofit imo. I would throw my money at the screen for it.