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02-28-2012, 06:17 AM
Originally Posted by DKnight1000
Quite simply it's for Silhouette recognition, in PVP having to know every ship at every level and every part combo is already a daunting task.

And knowing the difference in profile between a Star Cruiser, an Assualt Cruiser, a Dreadnought, a Galaxy Retro, Excelsior, Galor, Vulcan Sci, and Nebula, can really help. That's just the T5 Cruisers. I think I may have missed some. I included the Sci orientated Psuedo Cruisers because they can function well as Cruisers in PVP. Maybe some in more of a fleet Support role but you get the idea.

OH and I forgot the new Oddessy and the C-Store variant coming.
Those aren't science based pseudo cruisers. Those are actual science ships. The D'Kyr is far closer to an Intrepid in terms of stats than anything in the cruiser class. And while the Nebula turns like a tub, it's got all the science ship characteristics that a science ship has (target subsystem beam skills, the science boost, the 3/3 weapons loadout). They're not really like cruisers at all and to get the most use out of them, especially in PvP, you need to equip them like a science ship.