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# 1 Bug Vs Galor
02-28-2012, 07:44 AM
OK...the lack of Science slots on the bug ship is really killing me.

One slot guys?!!?!?!?!?

One science. That means all I can do is put in 35% more shield or regen rate console. Galor has three!!!! Galor wins!!!

Then we got 4 slots of engineering. Ok what to do with that? How much resistence is really going to help. Maybe some Shield power consoles? Weapon power? some pay to win cosnsoles end up going there. Cuz I just dont need that much resistence cuz its a moot point. Galor has four itself. Tie!!!!

Battery slots you got 3 for the bug. You have 4 for the Galor. Galor wins.

I do have four tac consoles. Galor has three. Bug wins here.

Then you get to the DHC arcs compared to the Galors 180 arcs. Depending on play style and skill level this is a tie. I have issues keeping people in my arcs...its killing me. Galor wins for me here.

Turrets in the back? Bug has three....Galor has 4. I mean four. Its strips those shields and with the 180 cannons I can broadside as I turn around with my galor. Galor Wins!!!!

Turn rate..Bug wins here..BARELY

The more I look at it. Its (galor) a better ship. maybe its just for me but I cant do the same damage with the same weapons.