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02-28-2012, 08:35 AM
Originally Posted by cptcisco
Then you get to the DHC arcs compared to the Galors 180 arcs. Depending on play style and skill level this is a tie. I have issues keeping people in my arcs...its killing me. Galor wins for me here.

Turrets in the back? Bug has three....Galor has 4. I mean four. Its strips those shields and with the 180 cannons I can broadside as I turn around with my galor. Galor Wins!!!!
You're not seriously suggesting that because the bug uses DHCs that have a limited arc, that the Galor is better with single cannons? You're essentially claiming all cruisers with single cannon + turret builds are superior to all DHC + turret escorts.

Besides which, a beam array build will always out-dps an all cannon+turret build if you set it up right. 7 disruptor arrays with Fire At Will 2 or 3 and max weapon power do quite a bit more dps than four cannons and four turrets with rapid fire 1 or 2. Turret builds are for boosting special procs. Beam builds are for melting targets.