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02-28-2012, 11:03 AM
Originally Posted by Cosmic_One View Post
I can only assume you are being funny here? When you have X amount of man-power and Y amount of things that need to get done you need to prioritize. I'm sure a new inventory system is somewhere on page 8 of the things they need to get done.
I'm being completely serious. People have been asking for it (a better sorting system for inventory) since early 2010 when I first started playing. Back then, there was plenty of man power for it.

Are you proposing a solution, or are you just going to use the same argument of X amount of man power and Y amount of things to be done argument? At least if we bring it to their attention, they'll put it higher up on their list. Also, I think it's funny how you think you know where it is on their list, assuming it is even on their list.

Edit: Another thing that baffles me is during all of that work that went towards the f2p conversion, didn't any of the devs bring up the need to put in a some sorting options? Just putting an option like Sort by type (sorts by putting equipment into top rows, putting miscellaneous into middle two rows, and putting anomalies into last two rows) would have gone a long way.