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02-28-2012, 11:10 AM
We've had this discussion in some form since the game has been in beta. Game mechanic-wise they actually did have a concept that bank space changed with ship class in early beta, but it was deemed unfair for players that like to fly anything other than a cruiser. THere was also a brief moment in beta where the inventory tab was split between ground and space inventories, and you had to plan what you carried with you on the ground before you beamed down (iirc you only had 10 slots for ground access), and while on the ground you couldn't access anything in the ship inventory area.

The way I see it now, our "bank" is our ship's cargo hold, since it goes wherever we go and if we need commodities or resources for crafting or Aid the Planet or DOff assignments we pull it right out. Although currently it is set up rather obtusely in that we can't manage this area from within our ship interiors and have to manage it from exterior station cargo management console interfaces (or calling up some merchant freighter? What are they doing with all our cargo?).

Meanwhile our "inventory" is our ready cargo bay. In other words, things that will more likely be accessed on a regular basis or required for quick gear swaps go in the ready cargo bay, while things not needing to be regularly accessed get stored back in the ship's hold. This is not unlike how you store things that you need on a regular basis in a more accessible area (like a closet or a garage), while things you want to keep but don't need to fiddle with all the time go up in the attic or the basement.

EDIT: Also if any devs are reading this, I'd like to rename the "bank" to "Stowage" or "Storage" or just "Cargo" or anything other than "Bank"... since it's a place where we stow our items, not a financial institution.