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02-28-2012, 11:38 AM
hmmm.. the idea has interesting concepts.. but not solely for P2W consoles.. why do I need to be subnuked 3 different times in a row, for example? I use my science team like I should, but only to find out 5 seconds later (after the protection expires) that I have been subnuked again. It might make these premades a little more challenging for the fleets. But perhaps they could just increase the protection time in that particular scenario. I dunno, but I do know one thing. I never saw these offensive sci and offensive eng. skills used with such frequency in any movie or series. It was a one time deal per battle, and then you were left with your shields, hull, and weapons. Cryptic's battles are not "realistic" when you can consider that I can be subnuked 3 times in a row or have my engines perma disabled. Its like my crew can't retain what they learned or something.

Anyway, this isn't solely about P2W consoles, but many other areas of the game too. Cryptic needs to take some lessons from Starfleet Command II: Orion Pirates, because that game was and continues to this day to be the ultimate space battle strategy game without all this "arcade" feeling crap.