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02-28-2012, 11:31 AM
Originally Posted by prom3theus View Post
Take away the pets and p2w consoles from klinks and the ballance will go towards Feds, premade vs premade wise (trying to compare apples to apples). At least IMO that's the sad truth. I am for a global cool down though, or a limit of 1-2 consoles per ship. And with pets, there is nothing so annoying. Maybe some ui changes so we won't be able to auto select pets, or an option to configure it. That on the top of tuning some of them like energy and tach drones.

What do you guys think?
Balance is already in the fed favor. Yes pugs get murdered by klinks all the time and p2w or not that won't ever change. Klink ships lend themselves too more Damagecetnric (I made that word up lol) builds that + cloak means pugs are for the most part doomed as fed cruisers swing very far in the other direction.

Premades are a different story p2w or not a good fed premade will almost always destroy a good klink team. The ships are inferior period. What annoys me the most about cryptics solution too klink balance is the idea of a ton of Paid units that balance the faction out somewhat... its cheap and lazy... and a money grab. Your kllink team can compete now just load x y and z unit on every ship... I really really hate what Cryptic has done to the Klingon faction. They need new sci and escort ships... they need less pet junk (stop releasing "flight Crap" cruisers).

Myself I would simply like too see something like a 2 min global added too abilities originating from gear in general... This would mean borg tractor beams and engine / shield / deflector clickyes (we will get them at some point) as well as the consul units would really have a limit of 1 or 2 per ship depending on there cool downs... or someone can load 3 or 4 and only really use one or so at a time if you will. Some units like klink plasma leaches should activate the global the min there effect is activated. (its the most op unit in the game by far anyway)