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02-28-2012, 12:35 PM
Originally Posted by Ecliptic_
Ok this is what Lifetime Members should get and its VERY easy to do, infact I bet a Child with a box of Crayola Crayons could do it and if a Child can do it the Developers should be able to do it too...

#1. •The Liberated Borg character species: Play as an escaped member of the Hivemind. Make this Race Federation only.

#2. Give the Romulan Race to the Klingon Faction. There is already the Romulan Ship Models and the Romulan Body types for characters. They dont need to add in special missions just use the same ones the Klingons already use.

#3. 15k a day Dilithium refinement.

This is a win win situation, Make the Lifetimers happy Make players in general happy cause they all Want Romulan as a playable race.

Common it cant be that hard for you developers, can it? I mean if its really that hard you should quit your job and let real developers have your jobs so they can make the game better for everyone
1: um we already get this though both sides get it.
2: No Romulans should be thier own faction with thier own ships and missions.
3: don't have a problem with that.