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02-28-2012, 01:41 PM
PvP has been awful since the beginning.

I remember transitioning from LtC to Commander PvP on my Sci one tier, we were slaughtering the Klingons. In the next, they were slaughtering us. Same players, same team sizes, for the most part same abilities...but the balance changed so drastically that the outcomes were reversed.

The problem with that is, you realize nothing you're doing in-game is impacting the outcome because it's predetermined due to balance. It's not fun to lose all the time, but then again it's not fun to win all the time either. Winning quickly becomes boring when you realize you have almost no chance of losing.

As for max-level PvP, I've only experienced that on my Tactical officer. It was awful at launch, awful a year into it, and awful recently when I tried it again.

The game never showed any of the nuance or carefully-planned counters that are essential to PvP in games like WoW or Rift. And with space combat, positioning/movement is almost a moot point since these are giant ships that turn extremely slowly. It's not like you can pillar-hump, LoS or do that sort of thing. So that means outcomes are even more dependent on abilities and counters.

I love the idea of PvP space combat in a Star Trek game, and the basic foundation is there, but the devs haven't really shown interest in putting the time in to fine-tune things. As others have said, unless it's a way to generate cash, that probably won't happen. Unfortunately, PvP players are only a fraction of any MMO's player base, and pouring dev resources into PvP has never been profitable.