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# 9 Meaning Of Life
02-28-2012, 02:01 PM
--Begin Recording

Personal Log: Lieutenant Commander Ziri Olio: Stardate 89178.6:

After several more long hours singing in the Jeffries tube, we are free of the void and have completed the last of the repairs to the ship. Thank goodness. Who would have thought my singing would save the ship? Now, I guess the crew can't make fun of me, anymore. Besides, singing while on duty is an old human AND Bolian naval tradition, so they don't have room to complain anyway. I am also very happy to report that I wasn't electrocuted again.

The energy beings we encountered used the last few moments of their existence as energy beings to carry out the punishment Admiral Sharp gave them for kidnapping us, except they didn't just become humanoid life forms, they created an entire solar system for themselves. We have named it the Harmony System in honor of their love for music. Their planet is not unike Earth, and I have been told they have named their first city, Ziri. I must admit, their admiration of me is a little creepy, but I am flattered.

Admiral Sharp informs me that the Federation Council is formally considering their application for entrance, but the Science Council agrees with our assessment that it's best that we leave them be to develop on their own. Even if they don't become a member of the Federation, I have a feeling there will be more survey missions in this region in the future.

They have decided to call themselves the Xavarans, after a god in Alhalan mythology who came down from Heaven of his own free will to fight with the Idomites. This of course made Malela and Zoymu happy. I wish the Xavarans all of the luck and good fortune in the Universe. They received a lot of knowledge from us while they had us trapped, but survival won't come easy, even for a people who were used to doing or having everything they wanted with just a thought.

This was perhaps the most interesting experience of my Starfleet career. It isn't every day we get to witness the evolutionary transformation of an entire species. Especially, from pure energy to corporeal life. Normally, when I hear people talk about evolution, the progression is the opposite. Even for us Bolians, we believe that will be the eventual step in our evolution. I think it's one reason why some of my people are so superstitious about having babies so close to a warp core.

Their representative, Ahadren said, that life as their former selves had become unfulfilling. They found in pretending to be corporeal life forms, and having to experience the struggle of survival and have something to live for was so foreign and so meaningful to them, that it was worth changing their entire existence. These are ideas best left to bigger heads than mine, though I fear that they will fall on deaf ears. There are some people in the Federation that are so obsessed with what they believe to be the next step of evolution that perhaps they overlook the positive points to living the way we do.

--- Pause Recording

The Stellar Drift Chief Engineer sat back and exhaled slowly, glancing at the PADD to her right. She ran her hand along the bare blue skin of her head.

--Resume Recording

And while we're on the subject of existence, Doctor Zoymu has also uncovered the reason for my illness the past few weeks, and it's left us with more questions than it has answers.

---End Recording

"You're what?" Captain Liara Bain asked in astonishment. Her eyes widened as she looked at her wife through the monitor on her Ready Room desk aboard the USS Sparrow. The redhaired Malcorian woman felt her heart beginning to pound, and her head swim with a mixture of questions and excitement.

"I'm pregnant." Ziri said for a second time. "Read the report I sent you. Despite the events of the past few days, she's healthy, and to quote Doctor Z: 'Verified to be a combination Captain Liara Narom Bain, and Lieutenant Commander Ziri Damott Irunia Dalan Bromet Olio.'"

Liara chuckled nervously. "Does Doctor e'Hvalli know yet?"

Ziri shook her head. "I don't think so, unless Doctor Z has beaten me to it. Of course, I wanted the first person I told to be you."

Captain Bain exhaled again, and rested her head on her hands to stop them from shaking. She smiled softly at Commander Olio. "Well, if we name her after you, I guess picking a name might be a challenge."

Ziri giggled. "My name is rather long. There is one problem with all of this: Vaihuu hasn't given me anything yet. That wasn't going to happen until the next time I see her which will be the Liberation Day celebration on Betazed in a few days."

The smile on Liara's face slowly dissipated.