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02-28-2012, 04:36 PM
Originally Posted by The.Grand.Nagus View Post
At the beginning he said something like he tried to make the episode as short as he possibly could. Why? Does he think people want really short episodes?
Shorter perhaps isn't the best word. I'd tend to want to call it "Tighter".

I'll admit, if a podcast is particularly long and filled with... "greebles" (to borrow an artistic term...) then I'm more likely to skip through it until I get to something I find interesting. The same rule applies with any digital arts showreels that fall across my desk - I'm really not interested in 45-second, self-gratifying introductions that fluff up the editor's ego without offering me anything substantial. If I'm not interested and have my attention grabbed within a few seconds, I'm going to either dismiss the showreel outright, or... if there is something that makes me think content of worth is still to be found... I'll skip in by two minutes and see what I get.

There one or two podcasts in the STO community that are guilty of this.

With STO's recent 'content drought', and the brief hiatus of STOked for that stated reason, you could hardly call one-episode-per-week a deluge of new material. Would I prefer a solid hour of great, in-depth podcast filled with lots of fantastic segments and analysis? Absolutely. But that might not be possible, in which case I'd prefer to watch 30 minutes of solid, tightly produced material than 60 minutes of hit-and-miss.

Just my two cents.

Great show, Chris. And as ever, it's nice to see the J-Man back in the nest.