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Seriously, i can see maybe 5-6 hours, specially with all the griefing going on right now. I have played since beta, never had a issue till the last few days. I lead a fleet, so to have a chat ban by 2 jerks in a stf cure run, that ditched us and said enjoy the chat ban u cword, and i get banned for 24 hours, i cant chat or anything, thats excessive from people ABUSING the system. I thought it took more than 2 people, but apparently im wrong. This chat ban system needs to get fixed, i am not even going to play the game for those 24 hours, since i cant chat, i cant tell people what to do in stf's, or even answer with a yes or no, or notify the people in my fleet that im under a stupid chat ban.....then whats the point. Oh and i put a ticket in, but we all know cryptic wont get back to me in under 36 hours let alone 24.....So stupid. Like i said, flame, whatever but im just trying to post this since i never post to show how ticked off i am over this. Sad my first post is one of such bull proportions.