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02-28-2012, 08:26 PM
Yes, I have always destroyed the Satellite before going after the frieghter. Honestly, I have not found it difficult not to, as the frieghters are rather far from their respective satellites. You really have to look for them.

here is what usually happens. I destroy the third satellite, go after the third frieghter, I am then attacked by two or more Raptor Escorts while trying to destroy the frieghter, so I switch to going after the escorts. I get killed by the escorts anyways. When I respawn and return to the area, the frieghter is now no where to be seen. I have the little glow area on the map that says where the frieghter is suppose to be, and my game hasn't continued (indicating the frieghter has been in fact destroyed) but still no more frieghter.