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02-28-2012, 07:30 PM
Short term:
1. Romulan attributes for editing alien characters, plus Romulan uniforms.

2. Dump the key requirement for locked boxes - too expensive!

3. Greater interactions and activities on planets including diplomacy mini missions.

Mid Term:
1. A Romulan faction (although I know this will end up long term.

2. An exploration planet for Feds & hunting planet for Klingons whereby the planet maps are huge and include different terrains, climates, weather, and day & night time shifting. There would be items to collect, mini missions, interactions, problem solving, and the ultimate - a dilithium mine with a huge quantity of dilithium that would randomly appear hidden anywhere on the planet and players would compete to find it. Idealy 3 mines appearing 1 at a time within a 24hr period once or twice per month as a special event prize.

3. Shuttlecraft races with a variety of track circuits including hazards and prizes for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd.

Long Term:
1. A Romulan faction.

2. More missions for VA's

3. Greater range of bridge officer skills and greater ability to retrain them - maybe send them to a specialist training facility for advanced skills possibly multi skilling & ability to select a variety of skill combos - Science = Daestrom Institute or Vulcan Science Academy; Engineering = Europa Planetia; Tactical = San Fransisco or Andoria Tactical College, and as appropriate for other factions.