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02-28-2012, 09:59 PM
Originally Posted by Jexsam View Post
You don't seem to be getting it.

The warzones are PvP environments. If you enter one, you are fair game. There is no "don't attack me, I'm just here for the mission".

If you can't deal with PvP, don't go into PvP zones. If you insist on going into warzones, be prepared to fend off other players, because that's the point.
And you don't seem to be getting me...I don't like 1) SPAWN CAMPERS, 2) When I request nicely to be left alone to be insulted, called names, and treated like a child. If the objective was to kill the other team, then fine, I have no issues with that, but in Otha there is set objectives...I have rarely seen the other side doign them, instead they are hunting the other team, if they were also doing the objectives I wouldn't care