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02-28-2012, 11:08 PM
I also interpreted shorter to reflect a tighter presentation. At only a few seconds shy of 24 minutes. Not every episode warrants a lot of set-up. This one was concise and took us right into Tactical View. A future episode may very well warrant additional set-up and even run for an hour. That's okay, too.

Something I noted is that the Featured Episodes are no longer interpreted as a complete play-through. No longer spoiling the overall plot line. IMO, this is wise until the arc is complete and everyone can consider the whole thing. Always good to see Borticus. To confirm what we've been told repeatedly about new hires. It takes a while to settle in and be assigned projects to help move the game forward. No one can snap their fingers and magically do everything that needs done in short order. It was also nice to hear the satisfaction from his contribution thus far.

I look forward to the mystery guest for next week.