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02-28-2012, 10:09 PM
While the lack of respect might annoy you, as it would me, thats peoples personal issue, nothing anyone else can do about it. No one likes being on the recieving end of spawn camping, and that is an issue all warzones need fixed. In kar'rat there is 2 spawn points so camping is made easy, needs to be atleast 3 random spawn points per faction.

And Warzones are pvp areas with pve thrown in as blockage for objectives. They are by every right and definition PVP zones. I will tell you this, Red = dead. If you are an enemy to me and i have the means and power to bring you down to prevent you from completing your objects, I WILL do it. You have no right to say hey stop that its bothering me, know why? ITS A PVP ZONE ITS THE POINT!

Its that simple, if you want to do the objectives in warzones expect to be targeted at random and most definitly target at your weakest. Its simple strat. Wait till your enemy shows some vunerablity then blast them into dust.

The namecalling etc isnt needed, but in most games people talk smack. It can be very tiring but just add ignore those people and keep playing. But do not go into a pvp enviroment and say hey no one attack me! Its just rediculous.