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02-28-2012, 10:15 PM
Originally Posted by Cuatela
Ker'rat was designed as an all-out, open warfare zone. If you warp into Ker'rat, you are announcing to players "I want to PvP with you", whether you realize it or not.
I don't know ... -- for long months prior to F2P , Ker'rat was a place players went to harvest loot (to sell or for personal needs) .
There was very little-to-no PVP to be had .
I was attacked there once in a blue moon .
If the OP comes from that POV , I can actually understand him .
But I also understand that it is an open PVP zone , and open PVP is fair game in that instance .
I would suggest to the OP to return after a few hours to the zone and see if he can then be left alone to play .