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02-28-2012, 10:20 PM
This is why I typically laugh in threads on forums for MMO's that try to ask that PvP get opened up moreso than however it already is. You hear all sorts of noble ideas and the like...

But in the end all it really ends up being is spawn camping and people calling "tough ****" and "lmao stfu n00b" and the like.

I mean, I'm sure none of you overlooked the fact that he said right from the start that they were spawn camping. That's a good bit different than if he just had people running him down while trying to do the objectives.

Being stopped while trying to do the objectives is completely different scenario then being ganked the moment they load in.

About the only thing used in this thread as defense for such pathetic actions I've seen that I can agree with is "What do you expect?" and I don't mean that in a positive manner.