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02-28-2012, 10:23 PM
Originally Posted by Aelfwin View Post
I don't know ... -- for long months prior to F2P , Ker'rat was a place players went to harvest loot (to sell or for personal needs) .
There was very little-to-no PVP to be had .
I was attacked there once in a blue moon .
If the OP comes from that POV , I can actually understand him .
But I also understand that it is an open PVP zone , and open PVP is fair game in that instance .
I would suggest to the OP to return after a few hours to the zone and see if he can then be left alone to play .
That is generally what i do, and MOST people will respect my wishes, and let me do my thing, with or with out a person, my general complaint here is the lack of respect i am seeing throughout this game, Otha used to be PVP free, as did Ker'rat. My issues is with the lack of respect ie name calling, that is unacceptable. Most just respect my request and go back killing each other, etc... that is fine.