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02-28-2012, 10:58 PM
Originally Posted by Mavairo
Yeah. that "all it does"? Is utterly devastating in shuttle wars. Warp Plasma isn't dangerous because it does damage. It's dangerous cause it can totally hose the defense score of an entire enemy team when deployed correctly. Shuttles have exactly Zero counters to warp plasma slow.

The Talkyr actually sucks in combat due to it's bridge officer layout.

And you clearly haven't shuttle warred before. All that console crap is also banned for the same reason the yellowsnow engine is.
I have not warred with the main group, no. The Tal'kyr has 2 Sci Officers, true, but it is far more powerful in terms of tank than any other shuttle and if you actually were using it as a support craft it could be a great healer.

Just be glad the new warp plasma physics do not stop you completely like they used to. These days you can Evasive right out of them if nothing else is holding you down. Also, you may downplay the Warp Plasma damage but I suspect you would reconsider when you are burning from a Hargh'peng, being crushed in a GW III, and being Broiled by EWP all with maxed Particle Generators. That is a LOT of Hull damage and it can be rather deadly.