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02-28-2012, 11:15 PM
Originally Posted by Mavairo
Frigging glider is actually more punch per shot than a Tetryon Weapon Proc. By a Crap Ton.
It actually makes Tets pointless (unless you are combining Tets with the glider)

It needs to just be removed from the game. It's stupid beyond words and there's no point in pvping without it on your ship. Borg? Junk. Maco? Junk, Aegis? LOL, (not even going to mention the breen cause that set is true fail to the point that even standard gear is better)
glider out damaging the tetryon proc? maybe if you don't spec into flow capacitors. my tetryon weapons proc at like 263. glider aint gonna do that per shot, though it applies less damage more often, a lot more often.

some one with power insulators relatively maxed needs to shut the glider down, and all the other draining skills. those not wise enough to invest in these defensive skills need to feel the brunt of these skills. of course these defensive skills need to actually WORK first, then skills can be nerfed as needed.