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02-29-2012, 12:48 AM
Originally Posted by superchum View Post
I can totally see this message spammed across the server sometime this summer:

Congratulations! Anazonda has just opened an Elite Constitution Class Retrofit!

I don't touch the abomination of lockboxes. So I can promise you that you will never see that message... unless of cause I get unlucky enough to be picked for one of the "cheat messages" that are confirmed to appear.

h*ll... I dont even have C-points... not even from Stipends (wich I dont seem to recive)

Originally Posted by Hartzilla2007 View Post
Becuase its their mission to suck the fun out of star trek
for me it is fun not to see the Connie as anything but target practice.

Originally Posted by K-Tar
Luckily they allow the 100 years older D'kyr, the Jem'hadar suicide bomber and the Cardassian Galor at T5, because clearly it is more advanced than the Keldon. Amirite?
Now now... Check my thread / post history... you will see that I don't support thoose ships any more than this one..

BUT: This thread is not about thoose ships... (big chock... I know).