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02-29-2012, 02:21 AM
45) Escape pods are not missiles.
66) Manned assault shuttles are not to be used as point defence missiles against Romulan plasma torpedoes
67) I will not outfit my Odyssey with rainbow-coloured beam weapons
68) I will not enter a PUG CE mission with my tier 1 ship and order people to read STOwiki
69) Even if they've been wasting 18 hours of their time and they need proper tactics
70) I will not visit a Federation sector with my KDF captain and order all the junior Starfleet commanders to engage ramming speed against the Borg Unimatrix mothership.
71) I will not give the above order even if all 10 other Federation ships are severely underpowered and are struggling to destroy even single Borg cubes
72) I will not tell people I'm a RL womens' rights activist on zone chat
73) I will not start a 'insert the word Tribble into a movie name' discussion on DS9 zone chat
74) I will not start a 'redneck naming convention' for starships on DS9
75) I will not act like a prissy little (insert expletive here) and declare that conflict is inevitable if Klingons and Humans are together on the same station... in the middle of a STORP diplomatic meeting
76) Snapping screenshots of your friend's cute character in a compromising position amid a raging away team battle on max difficulty is prohibited
77) Hitting on Cdr. Andrews while doing in-game fraps recording of "2800: Second Wave" is a bad idea
78) Do not post items on the Exchange without first reviewing the price you typed with a matte black keyboard in the middle of the night
79) A heavy cruiser loaded to the gills with cannons, dual beam banks and RCS accelerator consoles is not called a 'heavy escort'