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02-29-2012, 03:44 AM
Originally Posted by anazonda View Post
I don't touch the abomination of lockboxes. So I can promise you that you will never see that message... unless of cause I get unlucky enough to be picked for one of the "cheat messages" that are confirmed to appear.
In that case I would still laugh my butt off.

Originally Posted by anazonda View Post
Now now... Check my thread / post history... you will see that I don't support thoose ships any more than this one..

BUT: This thread is not about thoose ships... (big chock... I know).
It doesn't matter. To give you a comparison to your reaction: Let's assume the OP had asked for the combadges from Future Imperfect and you had replied "Thank god CBS won't allow that." In a game where CBS approved that a Starfleet captain can wear a pink shirt, neon green pants and sky blue combat boots with a Terran Empire badge that's just incredibly ridiculous.

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for me it is fun not to see the Connie as anything but target practice.
Sounds more like a personal antipathy towards the ship that started it all.

Personally I'm not a that big fan of the TOS Constitution, what I would like is my Constitution/Excalibur kitbash on T5. For the layout I would love it to have the first canon-appropriate one. Commander science (Spock), lieutenant-commander engineering (Scotty), lieutenant engineering (Uhura), lieutenant tactical (Sulu), ensign tactical (Chekov).