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02-29-2012, 04:53 AM
Originally Posted by K-Tar
In that case I would still laugh my butt off.

That is your right, and I doubt you can laugh loud enough for me to hear... anyways

It doesn't matter. To give you a comparison to your reaction: Let's assume the OP had asked for the combadges from Future Imperfect and you had replied "Thank god CBS won't allow that." In a game where CBS approved that a Starfleet captain can wear a pink shirt, neon green pants and sky blue combat boots with a Terran Empire badge that's just incredibly ridiculous.

And you dont think all thoose things are horrible to look at? STILL not the topic thoug. If you take a look at the OP, the topic is the Connie, and only the connie.

Would I prefer a steamlined uniform code, and integrety? YOU BET... But right now all I can do, is do my best to fight even more mess.

Sounds more like a personal antipathy towards the ship that started it all.

Not at all... The Connie was a fine ship in her days and very combatworthy... But now she is what she is... Target practice, and shouldn be any more or less than that.

Personally I'm not a that big fan of the TOS Constitution, what I would like is my Constitution/Excalibur kitbash on T5. For the layout I would love it to have the first canon-appropriate one. Commander science (Spock), lieutenant-commander engineering (Scotty), lieutenant engineering (Uhura), lieutenant tactical (Sulu), ensign tactical (Chekov).

See above, and please stop turning my words into somthing they are not while you are at it.