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02-29-2012, 04:36 AM
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
glider out damaging the tetryon proc? maybe if you don't spec into flow capacitors. my tetryon weapons proc at like 263. glider aint gonna do that per shot, though it applies less damage more often, a lot more often.

some one with power insulators relatively maxed needs to shut the glider down, and all the other draining skills. those not wise enough to invest in these defensive skills need to feel the brunt of these skills. of course these defensive skills need to actually WORK first, then skills can be nerfed as needed.
Divide your damage over your proc chance. (so / 40) your proc deals on average 6.575 shield damage per shot.

Let's assume full speccing and good consoles now. 320 damage a shot.. comes out to 8 even per shot on average.
Glider? 100 damage per shot.

Still think the glider isn't as strong as a tet proc? This is why the tet glider is brokenly overpowered.
That's Each Shot dealing 100 damage that ignores resistance. so lets say a 3 DHC DBB and 3 turret escort for example. Each smash of the space bar deals 700 resistance ignoring shield damage.
700. The best regen shields in the game (borg) only spring back around 1.5kish every six seconds. You generally get 3 shots or more in those six seconds. so in six seconds roughly 2100 shield drain.

That isn't "fine" or "only broken when in a five man team!" that's insanely broken, that's dealing more damage than a low auxed CPB2 (infact it's almost comparable to an auxed up cpb2) Every Six Seconds.