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02-29-2012, 05:02 AM
Originally Posted by dingfortress
Enemy ships in the campaigns level as well. If you play "night of the comet" in level 50 you gotta battle a level 50 23rd century D7 klingon ship.
Its still the same ship as it is on low level when you fight it. Same Console Layout and BoFF's! Its just buffed up in level with scaled gear. I dont know if NPC Ships using the same layouts then the player ships but it doesent seem to be different.

So if you fly your 23rd Century Consitution at VA (Level 50) its pretty much the same as the D7 Level 50 Cruiser you fight, because if you use VA gear your Connie is basically Level 50...

Try it out and compare it in a match probably with a Lt. Player with his Connie... you will see that your ship is not at his levels when it comes to damage and healing. So it is actually a Level 50 ship just limited on abilities thats all