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02-29-2012, 05:12 AM
Short Term

-A shield (not a full item set) that gives your a ship a mirror universe skin
-More specialty items form the DOFF missions like the turrets
-Ability to craft / purchase more type-s energy weapons (I don't like phazers)

Mid Term

-More shuttle missions they are a welcome change of pace
-A holodeck with loadable combat programs to test different Builds

Long Term

-A poker minigame playable with other players
-Ability to add shuttle restrictions to foundry missions
-Ability to add DOFF missions to the foundry (stock mission templates with modifiable txt to keep from farming)
-A Customization slot for your ship so you can change skins with items independent of shields, deflectors, ext. these items could be crafted, bought (GPL C-store whatever), quest rewarded, DOFF rewarded, vet rewarded, or maybe all of the above.
-Non Borg STF's (maybe a 2 person STF)
-Ability to play STF's in classic mode