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02-29-2012, 05:16 AM
Shuttle heals just aren't strong enough to make the Talkyr viable. We have seen it time and time again by very good pilots using them.

One of my Bo1s can nail another shuttle for 44k. Shuttles have less than half of that all together for hp and shields.
Even a moderate BO1 crit is going to completely maim a shuttle, even a Talkyr with Sci Fleet active (I'm still sorry about that Mustrum!)

Warp Plasma comes close enough to a full stop, especially with the proper Doff. (which you'd be silly to not use) It's slow is very strong in pvp, in shuttle wars it would be beyond the pale.

Sure, Warp Plas dot's effective while caught in GWs, and being pounded by say DEM. That being said, the DOT isn't why you use it initially. It's all about slow stop, and trash clearing effect.