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02-29-2012, 07:48 AM
Originally Posted by aashenfox
Not many people use consoles that boost mine or torp damage, so you might be waiting a while for a definitive answer. For me, I don't have space for one after my 3 phaser relays and plasma defense turret. The 2 skills that affect projectile damage definitely affect both mines and torps though, not sure about the different consoles. Bottom line, don't worry about it, unless you are running a full torpedo boat you needn't be using consoles that boost mine/torp damage anyway.

As for the Breen transphasic weapon, don't worry about it, it's crap anyway Use quantums.
Quantum is just the middle ground between photon and tricobalt. Photon is low damage, but fast firing. Quantum is medium damage with a slower rate of fire. Tribobalt is massive damage but takes forever to reload. If you crunch the numbers, as Cryptic has, you'll find that they pretty much even out in the end.

As for the mine launcher, it's not crap - just replay the mission & get a new one at your actual level. I've had plenty of fun keeping it on as an aft mount, right beside my actual mine dispenser. This let's me smack down two minefields simultaneously on anything that tries to get on my tail; there is no cool-down separating them because they're technically different systems. Usually they get visually overloaded by all the transphasics popping up right in their face to notice that one lone tricobalt in the middle... until it's too late.