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02-29-2012, 08:05 AM
Originally Posted by hyprodimus
You are right, I was going for 8 because of the +1, but i realise with my passive trait, I get to that +5 threshold anyways with only 6 skill points.

I was wondering about the 3 weapon skills. I have them at 9 because I think I have everything else where I need them to be. The point of the game is damage right? So I think that they should be maxed.

Also about the last 2 weapon specialization skills. How much do they help? Are they good if Im not using anti proton?
So I noticed you took a few points out, and haven't reinvested them yet; and here's what I'd like to recommend...

If you are planning on using AP weapons as you main sourse of dps (and it sounds like that's the route you're taking), consider droping the last 3 points out of projectiles, and (with the extra points you already have) put it all in targeting system. The reason I say this is any accuracy you have that goeas over the target's defense gets converted to crit severity, so it is never wasted. And given that you're main sourse of dps comes from 5 energy weapons (AP, meaning high crits), you can probably afford use 6/9 in projectile skill.

As for the last 2 skill, it's something like +.5% crit and 10% severity (9/9 vs 6/9) so it's not really important at all. And I'm not sure what the exact numbers were, but it's pretty low.