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02-29-2012, 08:38 AM
This is my current build for the LRSV:

Base Power:
Weapons: 75
Shields: 50
Engines: 25
Aux: 50


Weapons: 100
Shields: 35
Engines: 25
Aux: 40

Front Weapons: 2x Polaron Dual Beam Bank, 1x Quantum Torpedo
Aft: 2x Polaron Turrets, 1x Chroniton Mine Launcher

Deflector: Jem'Hadar (Assimilated alternatively)
Engines: Jem'Hadar (M.A.C.O. OR Assimilated alternatively)
Shield: M.A.C.O.
(The Jem'Hadar 2 Piece set bonus gives bonus damage to Polaron weapons. Some say it's junk, but I'm still testing it out to see if the damage boost is really worth it)

Eng: Neuritrino Armor, EPS
Science: Assimilate, Abaltive Gen, Field Gen, Particle Gen
Tact: 2x Polaron Amps

I've been using it for a while now, and it seems to do decent DPS and the science skills are incredibly strong. However, it does lean more to the debuffer/crowd control role.
With this build, my Gravity well ticks for about 1500-1800. Beams do between 75-100 when shields are up 400-600 when iIm hitting the hull.

Hope it gives you another idea