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02-29-2012, 08:41 AM
*Tal Shiar Colonel Taev Hwersuil sits on the bridge of his cloaked Mogai escort, fingers tapping steadily against his chair's armrest. He stares daggers at the Federation starbase on the viewscreen before him, in spite of the slight smile he allows to creep across his face. Ironic really. There was a time when he would have ordered his tactical officer to decloak, run all forward weapons to the saturation point, and then warp back home... but he had no home to return to... Hobus, Sela, Hakeev... an unholy trinity of destruction that had nearly wiped out the Romulan people... and the cause of his being here... now...

To do what he is doing. To defect... to turn his back on the remnants of his government... these things were a capital crime in the military and a mortal sin to the Tal Shiar. Still, in the minds of he and his crew, they had no choice.*

"Lieutenant," he nearly hisses at his operations officer, "lower shields and decloak the ship."

<insert dramatic music here> :p