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This thread started out as a simple request for advice concerning weapons on my +1 B'Rel, never would I have guessed it would turn out as a complete game changer for me. I mean, I had fun before in Star Trek Online, now I have even more fun I am a tac alien, with a Brel science torpedo boat, confusing? Fun I say

The Torp BoP(henceforth "TB") is such a good marriage between the B'rels Enhanced Battle Cloak and the torpedo system. For you who are new to the idea, as I was until just recently, it's all about the ability to be able to fire torps and mines while cloaked. Since the torpedo doesn't depend on Weapons Power level and since we don't have any shields while cloaked, we can effectively run at full Aux and leave the rest to the engines. Every time you fire a torpedo from cloak, the cloak drops for 3 seconds and then automatically reinitializes unless you keep firing. The BoP is designed to be a hit-and-run type of ship, the TB makes this exra true.

Now, I started out with 4 copies of the Rapid Reload Transphasic torpedo(from one of the Breen episodes) but I quickly found that to be ineffective. I now run with 6 different torps. Fore: quantum, hargh'peng, Breen Cluster missile, Bio-neural warhead. Aft: Chroniton torp, tricobolt mine. Much better!

No rapid fire required (since I don't have any cannons), only high yield torpedo3 and torpedo spread2, and because of this my commander universal is a science boff. Gravity Well together with torp spread and the bio neural is death defined

Even though most of the skills are chosen to maximize torpedo(Kinetic) dmg, the build leaves an acceptible margin of customization after taste. I know that Kolbrand run a TB with more skills in engineering, and he makes that work, while I prefer having the left over skill points placed in the science tree. I guess Engineering is more logical because you are gonna take more damage to your hull than your shields, but I like to mix things up a bit Btw, Kolbrand is the one who guided me into the path of the TB, and for that I would like to thank him, as well as Jockey79.

I commented on the zone chat in DS-9 about making a TB and people went nuts, calling me crazy and saying " I hope I don't end up in a STF with you". I can say that, when I kill an Odyssey in 6 seconds, I know I am doing something right. I don't mean to say that the TB is invincible, but we can dish out a world of pain very fast, and be gone 3 secs later.

Recomended Item Sets: 2 pieces of the Borg set, and 2 pieces of the Klingon Honor Guard set(for 25% kinetic damage).

I will post my BOFF and skill layout when I get the time.

Meanwhile, here is a couple of videos by Kolbrand showing the B'rel TB off.
POST IN PROGRESS... To be continued.

Please post your experience or questions if you have any, and hopefully someone can answer them. The goal for this thread is to inform the KDF newcomers of this somewhat crazy idea. Together we will make the Federation bleed.

I hope a DEV/CM sees this thread and STICKIES it.

// Redstar_Swe