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02-29-2012, 09:27 AM
Originally Posted by mroofieit
not cool guys not cool
First and foremost, do not bump your posts because you didn't get a response within 45mins of posting your OP. Be patient and when someone can help you, they will. I understand that wanting to play can sometimes be tough to slog through something like this, but you're going to have to.

Now, as for your issue, you're having connection issues, at least according to your OP. If you can, post a screenshot of the message you're receiving and or seeing. Typically this issue can develop if the DEV's are performing maintenance and the servers are down. I'm showing green server status at the time of this writing, so if you haven't been able to log in, give it a shot now.

Also, just clicking on the GameClient.exe file will NOT connect you to the game server. You need to log into the patcher server first so there can be a handshake from the patch server to the game server, otherwise you'll never be able to log in.