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02-29-2012, 11:26 AM
Short Term


I'm either asking a horrifically noobish question or the feature doesn't exist, but why can't my character walk? He either jogs or sprints. Sometimes, a guy just needs to get his swagger on. You know? Take some time to smell the roses.

EDIT: I found the option for walking in teh Key Bind section in Options. By default, it's blank.

Skill Points

It seems that once I've reached Vice Admiral, I no longer accumulate skill points and cannot advance in any of the skills. I don't see why this should happen. I'm still playing the game and I would personally like to be able to max out all of those skills. It would at least give me goal...something to motivate me each day and encourage me to come back to play some more.

Mid Term

Provide a complete list of doffs.

Now that I've reached Vice Admiral, I find myself doing the same things over and over. One of the the things that keep me going are the assignments I can send duty officers on. My goal is to have all purple doffs, but when I go to the exchange, I can only search for them by name. If I type in "Doctor" I don't get a list of doctors. If there was a list of doffs somewhere for reference, perhaps somewhere on the station where I could access a terminal that allows me to use various sorting options for the doffs, it wouldn't be such a painful process to find doffs that I need.

This shouldn't be too difficult as I'm assuming that all of the data is stored in a database of sorts and it would only require an interface and simple queries to extract the information desired.

Long Term

Player Owned Space/Ground Stations

Vice Admirals do not generally gallavant about the galaxy looking for things to do. They tell people what to do and they make decisions from behind a desk. A desk that is located on a station, either on the ground or in space.

As we come up through the ranks, we can select a variety of ships and we can customize them to our liking. Why not a station? Of course, it would be purchased in the same manner that ships are. There are some that are free and some that you use C points to acquire. Once you acquire your station, you can design the floor layout and decide what features are available for you and your fleet. You can then staff it with bridge officers that command the various departments; Engineering, Medical, Science, Security, Operations, etc. And how about that office I mentioned earlier? There could be a receptionist out front that welcomes you by name whenever you stop to talk to her/him.

If you have a fleet, they can go to that base whenever they wish to make use of the services you have available at the station; change your ship, use the exhange, change your clothes, etc.

And why not set up a similar "mini-game" like the one for Duty Officers, but if you're a Vice Admiral, your doffs would be ships of various classes and purposes. There could be a separate set of accolades for admirals...perhaps even a new rank - Fleet Admiral.

There's a lot of possibility with this concept and it looks like the basic architechure is in place to make this happen. I also realize that something like this would take a while to plan, test and implement, but it would certainly be something to look forward to and I think it would keep people coming back.