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02-29-2012, 12:55 PM
Cyell, I suppose it is pointless to point out to you that with your Dreadnaught Build you are going to have the problem of having to be facing your opponent or at least be within 90 degree's of facing your opponent in order to get all 8 of your weapons firing simultaneously?

I ask because if it isn't pointless to point this out then you should know that without a full complement of RCS Accelerators it is going to be difficult for any cruiser to consistently be facing it's opponents with the frequency needed to pull what you want to be doing off. Add to the fact that if you go with a full complement of RCS Accelerators that you are going to have the drawback of not being able to utilize Armor Consoles, or Power Transfer Consoles or whatever else you may desire to be utilizing for your ship's defense or offensive capabilities. This could seriously hamper your ships capabilities.

In my opinion these drawbacks ultimately make the Dragon Cruiser Build superior to the build you designed Cyell. The only reason I think this way is because it is infinitely easier to broadside an opponent and get 7 out of the 8 weapons firing at the opponent, than it is to go head on against the opponent in a cruiser and hoping to get all 8 weapons firing. But that is just my opinion.