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02-29-2012, 01:39 PM
134) "Here we go again!" is not the proper opening statement for a court martial hearing.
135) I am not allowed to take a joined Trill on a time traveling mission the involves visiting the Trill homeworld.
136) Klingon foreheads are not cheese graters.
137) The E in "EMH" means "Emergency", and should be treated as such. He's a doctor, not a night light.
138) I am not allowed to transfer control of the ship to Engineering "just to mix things up" or "for funzies".
139) Trying to cook marshmallows on the nacelles is always a bad idea. Yes, even then.
140) Asking Borg to "take me to your leader" will not trigger a logic bomb, and I shouldn't even try.
141) I am not allowed to make alliterative puns involving Romulans and/or Remans.
142) Ferengi are not a "poor man's Klingon".
143) Bolians are not expendable.
144) Just because a Bolian is blue, doesn't mean he's a Science Officer.
145) Bajorans are not Space Muslims. Both Bajorans and real Muslims consider that an insult and I should stop mentioning it.
146) Orions do not use photosynthesis for nutrients, and I should stop trying to feed them potting soil.
147) Snapping my fingers does not make me a Q.
148) I will no longer sing the Ghostbusters theme when hunting down Devidians.
149) Painting my ship red will not make it go faster, and painting the warp core red won't either.
150) I am not allowed to call the Pon Faar a "Vulcan Period".