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02-29-2012, 04:19 PM
Yes, spinal lance is a phaser so you might as well optimize your weapon consoles and get phaser weapons. When you tihnk about it, the phaser proc is almost as good as the anitproton proc... esp when cannons and CRF is being used.

Wow, I got preempted multiple times.

In Cyrell's defence, there are pilots out there who can maneuver fairly well to get the bow facing the enemy, either by anticipation or Evasive Manuevers, etc. Multiple RCS accelerators aren't efficicent as they suffer from the law of diminshing returns after the first console... power transfer consoles only help when you are changing modes (attack/defense/engine), they do not significnatly improved the recovery of energy (i.e. beam weapons fire) as demonstrated here. For that, chaining EPtW would be more efficient.

For a lesser skilled/lazy pilot, like myself, the array version is easier.